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   Softline 70
The classic, new Generation VEKA System

The classically-designed VEKA System – now available with an overall depth of 70 mm. The popular elegant shape with slightly rounded edges ensures the smallest possible visible width and thanks to its neutral appearance can be adapted to any installation method.

This 70 mm version of the well-proven SOFTLINE system provides even more stability and better insulating properties and because it has the same overall depth, it is fully compatible with our other 70 mm systems, SWINGLINE and TOPLINE.

SOFTLINE 70 AD Window System
  • Classical contours with slightly rounded edges and grey seals
  • Particularly low maintenance thanks to homogeneous surfaces and surface-flush glass ledges
  • 5-chamber profile with a basic overall depth of 70 mm
  • High insulating properties to minimise heating costs and external noise
  • Optimum static properties for durability and stable value
  • Specially shaped steel fittings for
    increased stability and installation of burglar-proof fittings
  • Exclusive and future-oriented system
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