Fenster und Türenbau Mulda GmbH
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  We manufacture and assemble customised
plastic windows and doors for a whole range of environments – from the construction of new properties to the renovation of complete housing estates and from construction or reconstruction
of commercial sites to the conservation of listed buildings.

At our large production facility (3000m²) we manufacture windows and doors from synthetic materials. Our capacity is approximately 120 plastic elements per day at a current rate of 75 units per shift.

Working in close cooperation with qualified and experienced partners within our region, we have built up a customer base not only throughout the length and breadth of Germany – from Hamburg to Munich and from Dresden to Bottrop – but also in Prague and Belgium, supplying them with high-quality windows and the full range of services that surround the installation and maintenance of windows.
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Windows as a contributory factor in environmental protection

Did you know that ...
  • the latest generation of windows can lower energy costs and at the same time reduce CO2 emissions?
  • modern insulating glass prevents the build-up of cold spots near windows?
  • sealed air chambers within the window frame deliver high insulating efficiency?